Life is a journey, I believe, but still find it a bit hard to wait through it, waiting is not at all easy, it needs a lot of patience and toughing up, to be able to stand to all and everything that might face you through this journey.

You might lose a battle, but never give up the war, the war never ends. That sounds a bit harsh, talking about life, but to be honest, it is the most accurate thing you can compare it with . You should never give up, no matter how much you want to/feel that it’s never going to change.

I went from being a med student to nothing, totally nothing, I had to take up different jobs, that had no relation to what I have studied, just to get through. I taught English and math, I washed dishes, I wrote articles ( which was the best job I got), I even managed one of the biggest (actually the biggest and most known) arabic website, about tech and science.

To get here from nothing is a lot, still I know I might lose it all at one day, but it´s okay, whatever happens : it´s gonna be okay.

I haven’t had a family for five years, now I moved to another place, I rented a one-room flat, but what I got was much, much, much more. I got a family, a mother, a sister, a brother, a father and even a grandmother! How amazing it is to find some people like those who I found in this time in Germany? When all people tell you that it´s going worse for the new people coming here, still I found one of the best family, they helped me with everything I had to deal with, from getting my flat ready to study for exams and getting around in the new small city I moved to.

Then I applied for a training in neurology and got accepted! I applied for the exams to get recognised as a doctor in Germany, it takes a long time (almost 18 months) but I passed the first one! Now I can get the title “Assistenzarzt”, a doctor in training to be a neurologist!

I couldn’t believe it, what I have dreamed in 2007 is true, it took me a lot of work, travel, tears, being homeless for few weeks, but still, I am here, I have a family, someone who loves me and I love back, I still didn’t see my actual family for four years, but I might be able to achieve that soon too!

I am excited for the new life and experiences that I am going to face. I am gonna have my “own” patients soon, And waiting for the next chapter!