We were taught that lives, every live, all of lives are equal, that death, other than dying by natural or pathological causes, is the same for all of us. Apparently, we are wrong.
Death is different and the attention you might get after you die is really different, it relies on many factors. First, religion, what’s your religion? why? because we die a Muslim you’re not given the same importance as anyone else. Well, you can argue with that and say that I am wrong, but everything happening around us says the exact opposite.

the picture is from huffington post about the victims of Charlie Hebdo murder.

I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories and anti-muslim and islamophobia, but those last things are real! You can’t say “a sick man killed three people.” When a sick man kills twelve innocent people is “a terrorist” because he is a “muslim”, although here again I say that Islam doesn’t allow people to kill each other whatever the religion of the people is.

Three Young Muslims, Syrian and two Palestinians.

The Chapel Hill shooting victims,three young successful people, three immigrants who became citizens, three stories of success, three people who didn’t just be there, they were good people trying to show the nice and good picture of their religion, why do THEY die?
I mean, I understand there are “bad” or criminal “muslims” , but why those three people, the successful, the good, the giving back to their community, died?
I am sure the man who killed them is sick, and not only that, he is so sick and terrorist is the just word for him. One who kills innocent people, for their thoughts and ideas! Isn’t he doing the same as ISIS?
Well, that was number one, your religion, the other factor is your nationality, your home country, like if you’re not American or European, then also your death is not as important as those two, why? because to them you are merely an animal, work force or just “third world” trash.
Look at people in Syria, Iraq, how they die everyday while the world watch silently, why? Is the Charlie Hebdo incident more important than the death of tens and hundreds everyday in the middle east? Do you think the world doesn’t know that many journalists are killed everyday in Syria and Iraq and other Arab countries?

They do know, but those aren’t Americans like the Chapel Hill victims, or European, like Charlie Hebdo, they are just Arabs, mere worthless Arabs, their lives don’t equal our, American and European, lives!
They are still living in the stone age, while America and Europe is trying to look as humane as they can.
Well, humanity is relative thing after all.
RIP Charlie Hebdo victims, RIP Chapel Hill victims, RIP people who we can’t count their numbers or know their names dying everyday in the middle east, dying for the “freedom of expression”