The Arab world, the birth place of many devils and angels, religions and gods, the place where now you can find the cruelest images of war and discrimination, why you might ask? why are those very same people who call for what they say is “the religion of peace” also do the most kind of harm to each other in the first place and to other people and religions next?

Well the answer is quite amazing, it’s those people are fighting to protect , not their Gods, but their ideologies and their political leaders and economical trades. Yes, it’s not theology here, it’s idiology, politics and economy that make the wars in this place, yet the people behind the curtains use “religion” in a way to control the masses and move it against each others.

The person called “Ahmed Shugairi” is a rare person to find, he is what you can call, a good-seer or something! Shugairi did this program called “Khawater” for 11 years, trying hopefully to change the ideas and the way the eastern world think, did he really succeed? did he find the problem that we, Arabs in general, and Muslims of the Middle East, are victims of?

I don’t think so, he did a lot of good work, showing us the other picture of the world, and showing the world the other picture of us, He made some terrible comments sometimes, but most of the times his words were really really carefully chosen and tried to make us “better”.

I say to him, farewell in your last season, and sadly this world that you wanted to change, the eastern world, will not change in an easy way, there will be blood, sweat and a lot of tears.

You can watch his latest episode, today, on Youtube and here is a link for You.