Yesterday, three of my colleagues in Damascus University died in a car accident, they were doing what they usually do, going to the clinical lessons in the hospitals. I must say, of those three people, I knew one, Dr.Ammar D. he was a fellow medicine student that lived here with us for awhile, in Egypt. He was a very hard working person, he worked his way through the USMLEs and got very good scores in both Step 1 and 2. He got his Step2 marks the day before he died, he was excited and happy.
Death knows no time or place, death knows no age, death just comes. My facebook feed was full about those three people, and people talking about them and how good they were, and all the amazing things they did. I don’t normally think of what people think about me, or say, but for a second, yesterday, what would they say about me when I die? what I wanted them to say? or do my wants matter really ?
“He was a very lonely person, isolated and eccentric in unpleasant way, he didn’t care about others or the social ideas and etiquette, he was depressed, mentally sick, he may worked with other to share and write articles, and a lot of people got the wrong idea about him, they thought he might me great writer or journalist, he wasn’t, it was all media amplification. He was anti-social.”
That is what I think people might say about me, after my death…does it change anything ? no, I still don’t care.
My condolences to the families, friends and those who were close to the deceased doctors.
R.I.P Ammar, Fadi, Basel , those who left us 6th of November 2014.
Your always there for you, V.